Axe is a weapon category in Decay of Logos. Axes are used to inflict damage on enemies  and bosses. Axes are heavy-hitting weapon that deals a huge amount of damage. Axes have been long used by loggers and have been scattered across the realm. These can be found inside chests/crates, dropped by enemies/bosses, and are sold by Merchants.

Weapon Durability

Weapons and armors are categorized into two types, Normal and Unique. For Normal Weapons, it decays and it breaks if its durability expires and is used in battle often while Unique Weapons will simply become blunt. These can be fixed by the Blacksmith of Fons which requires a cost and possibly materials.


Stamina Usage

In Decay of Logos, weapons consume Ada's stamina whenever she attacks. Each weapon indicates the value of stamina consumption which can be seen with the stats of a weapon



Axes in Decay of Logos


Base Damage
Fire Damage
Poison Damage
Paralize Damage

Tree Feller

30 0 0 0 30


60 0 0 0 65


50 0 0 0 40

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