The Elk

Species Unknown

The Elk is a companion in Decay of Logos. The Elk is a mystical creature who serves more than just a companion of Ada.


About The Elk

The Elk is a mystical creature, this creature's past regarding where it came from is unknown and yet to discover. The Elk is first seen and crosses its path in the forest after Ada barely escapes the massacre that happened to her village, Ada is awakened by The Elk where the two instantly creates an unexplained connection.

The Elk not only serves as Ada's mount used to travel but is also a strong mechanic of the game where players will need to interact with as the game progresses in order to unlock other features.


The Elk Features

The Elk is a wild creature and players will need to interact with The Elk and approach it more than just an animal. Players will need to perform various actions like feeding it, or petting it so that a player can lower its stress level in order to mount it or use its stash to store items. By doing these things, as the game progresses, not only will the relationship between Ada and the Elk will grow, but you will also gain the Elk's trust.

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