Combat in Decay of Logos

Character Movement:

  • Character is very flexible. Dodge, Vault, Jump back, parry and counter-attack. (More information will be added for controller commands as they become available)
  • Aside from using Melee weapons, you can also use offensive and defensive spells.
  • Actions require stamina. Be wise, when to use counter attack and evasion or make use of the stamina efficiently.
  • Note that defeating giant bosses will take reflex and tactical thinking.


Character Development:

  • The game also has a character development system. Slaying enemies will make your character increase stats, even for solving puzzles and finding well-hidden chest.


Death/Damage taken:

  • Your protagonist will become weaker as you get hurt.
  • Set a camp for resting and to regain strength. Note that you can get attacked while resting in a camp.
  • When you get defeated, you will wake up from a nightmare to the last camp you had set up or shrine and reduces your stats temporarily.

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