Combat in Decay of Logos focuses on providing information regarding most of the basic combat moves and some advanced tips. The information listed will give you a better understanding of how the combat and actions work in order to survive and win a battle.


Combat in Decay of Logos


Character Movement

  • Ada is very flexible. Dodge, Vault, Jump back, parry and counter-attack. (More information will be added for controller commands as they become available)
  • Aside from using Melee weapons, you can also use offensive and defensive spells.
  • Actions require stamina. Be wise, when to use counter attack and evasion or make use of the stamina efficiently.
  • Note that defeating giant bosses will take reflex and tactical thinking.

Character Development

The game also has a character development system. Slaying enemies will make your character increase stats, even for solving puzzles and finding well-hidden chests.


Each weapon has its own unique set of moves. So make sure to use both Light and Heavy attacks in combat.

  • PC: Press the Left and Right Mouse buttons to execute light and heavy attacks.
  • Xbox One: Press the RT and RB buttons to execute light and heavy attacks.
  • PS4: Press the ___ and ___ buttons to execute light and heavy attacks.
  • Switch: Press the ___ and ___ buttons to execute light and heavy attacks.

Blocking and Parrying

Blocking and Parrying allow Ada to defend herself from incoming enemy attacks. At the right moment, Ada can parry attacks which allows her to execute a follow-up attack, while Blocking allows Ada to raise up her shield to defend and decrease the number of enemy attacks. However, Ada can also execute a Shield Magicae which are defensive abilities that are imbued with Magicae (Spells). Just take note that executing a block or a parry uses up stamina while using a Shield Magicae not only uses up stamina but also Ada's health.

  • PC
    • Block / Parry: Press F
    • Shield Magicae: Press F + R
  • Xbox One:
    • Block / Parry: Press LB
    • Shield Magicae: Press LT + LB
  • PS4:
    • Block / Parry: Press ___
    • Shield Magicae: Press ___
  • Switch:
    • Block / Parry: Press ___
    • Shield Magicae: Press ___

Jumping and Spriting

Players can make Ada Jump and Sprint in order to keep her from harm. Just remember that executing these actions require stamina and deplete Ada's stamina. So watch your stamina bar especially if you need to execute these actions in battle.

Weapons and Armor Durability

There are numerous weapons and armor that can be obtained throughout the game. Weapons and armors are categorized into two types, Normal and Unique. For Normal Weapons, it decays and it breaks if its durability expires and is used in battle often while Unique Weapons will simply become blunt. These can be fixed by the Blacksmith of Fons which requires a cost and possibly materials.



Magicae are categorized as spells in Decay of Logos. As the game progresses, players will be able to acquire an ability to conjure the dark arts. These vary from both offensive and defensive spells that aid Ada in different situations she may encounter in battle. Usually, spells require Mana in order to conjure it, however, in Decay of  Logos, Ada's health is used whenever magic is used. So be reminded to use your spells at the right time to avoid dying from using magic frequently.

Lock-On the enemy

Decay of Logos allows players to lock onto the enemy by pressing a specific button for each platform. Locking onto an enemy will make it easier for a player to focus on an enemy's movement especially if you are facing a boss. In conjunction with locking onto the enemy, you can also sidestep or dodge enemy attacks with the right timing and focus.

  • PC
    • Lock-On: Press the Scroll Mouse Button
    • Dodge: Press the SPACEBAR while moving and locked onto the enemy.
  • Xbox One:
    • Lock-On: Press the Right Stick
    • Dodge: Press the A button while moving and locked onto the enemy.
  • PS4:
    • Lock-On: Press the ___
    • Dodge: Press the ___ button while moving and locked onto the enemy.
  • Switch:
    • Lock-On: Press the ___
    • Dodge: Press the ___ button while moving and locked onto the enemy.

Item Management

Item management plays an important mechanic for a player's survivability. Ada can only hold a significant amount of consumable items. So roll up your sleeves and manage your inventory at all times from checking not only Ada's belt but also The Elk's stash.

Death and Taking Damage

  • The protagonist, Ada, will become weaker as she gets hurt.
  • Set a camp for resting and to regain strength. Note that you can get attacked while resting in a camp.
  • When you get defeated, you will wake up from a nightmare to the last camp you had set up or shrine and reduces your stats temporarily.

The Elk

The Elk is Ada's companion. Not only does the Elk serve as a mount, but it can also provide other things that are useful for Ada's adventure. Make sure that you treat the Elk more than just a mystical creature, but a creature that you'll have to understand and tame in order to gain its trust and improve the bond you have.

  • Stress Level - the Elk has a stress level shown when you ride it. It increases whenever it stumbles upon dire situations such as if it encounters a group of enemies. Once the stress level is full, the Elk will panic and throw you off its back. So be sure to clear its path and kill the enemies before riding the Elk again, as well as to comfort it by petting it or by feeding it with Lullaberries.
  • The Elk can also interact with some objects and enemies. Some broken doors in dungeons can be broken with Magicae or the help of Ada’s companion. Also, if Ada and the Elk’s bond is strong enough, it will attack enemies by ramming them. 

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