Stats in Decay of Logos covers various attributes of the game's protagonist, Ada. This page lists all the known attributes that are in the game from character stats, negative status ailments, equipment stats, and many more.


Stats in Decay of Logos



In-game Stats interface.


Stats and leveling up increases automatically as the player progresses throughout the game. EXP to increase the stats of Ada is acquired from completing quests, solving puzzles, and possibly from defeating enemies and bosses.

It seems that strength and defense grow by hitting and killing enemies, stamina grows using all the stamina bar by running and dodging enemies, intelligence by opening chests, and wisdom by solving puzzles, such as inserting levers or activating mechanisms. Intelligence and wisdom do not require level up to grow.

However, Ada's stats temporarily decrease if she is defeated and wakes up from her "nightmare". Players will need to rest at a camp in order to recover the value of her stats. Just be careful since Ada can be ambushed by enemies while resting at a camp. The menu will tell you how tired Ada is in the “resting info” section.

Both shrines and camps refill Ada’s health, but only resting at camps can regain her lost stats. You can also lIgor your torch on the torch by camps.

Health Identifies the amount of damage can take and healing can be done by Ada. Instead of mana in most games, Ada's HP is used to execute spells called Magicae. 
Stamina Determines the value of stamina Ada has in order to perform actions such as sprinting, some certain attacks, blocking, and evading. Stamina recovers over time, only if Ada is not performing actions that require stamina.
Strength This value determines Ada's damage value dealt with enemies which is an additional amount on top of a base weapon's base damage.
Defense Defense indicates Ada's base vulnerability in taking damage from enemies.
Intelligence Intelligence identifies the value of damage dealt with Magicae (Spells).
Wisdom This stat identifies the survivability and perception of Ada.
Physical Protection Affects the amount of damage Ada can take from physical attacks.
Fire Resist Indicates the resistance and reduced amount of attacks imbued with fire. 
Poison Resist Determines resistance value from being poisoned.
Paralyze Resist Determines resistance value and time from being paralyzed.
Attack Left Weapon Primary Identifies the physical and base attack of Ada's primary weapon.
Attack Left Weapon Secondary Identifies the physical and base attack of Ada's secondary weapon.
Attack Back Weapon Identifies the physical and base attack of Ada's back weapon.
Fire Attack Indicates the value of Ada's attacks that consist of fire and the chance of inflicting a burning effect.
Poison Attack Indicates the value of Ada's attacks which inflict poison.
Paralyze Attack Indicates the chances of inflicting Paralyze to the enemy.

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