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Decay of Logos Wiki walks you through the open-world action RPG with a souls-like combat system, developed by Amplify Creations and produced by Rising Star Games. You play as Ada, a girl that managed to escape her village after being destroyed by unknown enemies. After collapsing in the woods, she is wakened by a mystical elk that will aid her in her pursuit for revenge as their bond grows stronger.




A High-Fantasy World

Decay of Logos is set in a world filled with fantasy. Players will be able to discover and coexist in a vibrant world with kings, knights, wizards, timeworn creatures, and various mythical beings. In this world, you will have to explore a kingdom that is ruled by a hardened king who paid attention to his kingdom's military state over his five sons.


A Wicked Kingdom

An unfortunate event happened in the kingdom where the Queen died during childbirth. Struck with tragedy, the King decided to protect his newborn daughter, the only princess in the realm, by keeping her at his side at all times. This caused his sons to become more distant and eventually resulted in a divided kingdom where the king's sons blamed their mother's death towards their father. Their hate towards their sister and father grew and they began to search for power and control. After the great divide, each of the king's sons influenced and took control of the lands that they owned and plotted against their father hoping that they would destroy their father and his kingdom.


A Friendship is Born

Players will take control of Ada, where she is forced into an adventure of avenging her people after her village is destroyed. Unaware of why her village was attacked and who plotted the destruction, Ada ended up into the woods where she collapsed. The girl then wakes up to a mystical Elk where she felt a sense of serenity and safety. At some point, she felt a connection towards the creature and eventually created an unexplainable bond. With the help of the Elk, Ada travels to the north where she hopes to find clues regarding those who took away her life - here, Ada must face strange creatures, mystical beings, hostile dwellers by wielding a variety of weapons, conjuring powerful spells, and by protecting herself with armor in order to survive.



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