New Player Help for Decay of Logos provides various information that will help a player understand the basics of the game's mechanics as well as recommended things to do before starting the game.

Helpful Pages:

  • Walkthrough: A detailed area walkthrough of the game.
  • New Game +: Check what happens when you finish a campaign.
  • Controls: An overview of the game's default controls for each platform.
  • Combat: An explanation of the basic combat and movements acquired in the game.
  • Weapons: A list of all the known weapons that can be found in the game.
  • Armor: View sets and pieces of armor that can be obtained in the game.


Decay of Logos New Player Help

Talk to the NPCs you meet

Decay of Logos is a story-driven ARPG and it is important that you always talk to an NPC more than once, even right after the dialogue is over. They might have something more to say that will add bits and pieces of information to the lore or they even might provide you with something that will be useful to Ada's adventure.

The Elk

The Elk is Ada's companion. Not only does the Elk serve as a mount, but it can also provide other things that are useful for Ada's adventure. Make sure that you treat the Elk more than just a mystical creature, but a creature that you'll have to understand and tame in order to gain its trust and improve the bond you have.

  • Stress Level - the Elk has a stress level shown when you ride it. It increases whenever it stumbles upon dire situations such as if it encounters a group of enemies. Once the stress level is full, the Elk will panic and throw you off its back. So be sure to clear its path and kill the enemies before riding the Elk again, as well as to comfort it by petting it or by feeding it with Lullaberries.

Watch your Step

There are some areas that are dangerous to walk on like quicksand. Always be alert and check your surroundings to avoid getting caught in a dire situation or worse, death.

Lure your Enemies

In Decay of Logos, players may be overwhelmed with the amount of enemies that can be encountered. Small or large in size, expect that these enemies may engage in various numbers. And with this, you must try to avoid battling multiple foes at once. Players can lure a target at a time to separate them from each other and to do this, you can use ranged weapons such as the bow to shoot out arrows onto surfaces to draw its attention. Play strategically to avoid getting ganged up by a group of enemies. You may be determined to fight your way but remember, you're fragile on your own in the battlefield.

Weapon and Armor Durability

There are numerous weapons and armor that can be obtained throughout the game. Weapons and armors are categorized into two types, Normal and Unique. For Normal Weapons, it decays and it breaks if its durability expires and is used in battle often while Unique Weapons will simply become blunt. These can be fixed by the Blacksmith of Fons which requires a cost and possibly materials.


Ancestral Mechanisms

If ever your path comes to a dead-end and you come across ancestral mechanisms nearby that you can't operate, try leaving the area and return later on. Maybe you've missed out on a key item that is found in a certain location or is given by an NPC. Or who knows, you may need The Elk to help you out in solving a puzzle.

Area Obstacles

As the game progresses, players can encounter some doors and chests that are covered with ivy thorns filled with poison. You can deal with this by using a torch or Magicae that will help Ada to get rid of this obstacle.

Rotten Wood Planks

There are various secrets that are waiting to be found in the game. So keep an eye and observe your surroundings, especially for rotten wooden planks, it may look like a simple piece that is added to the environment to the game, but smashing it with your weapon or sliding right through it may open up secret paths or better yet, better loot.

Arx and Sanctums

An important note to remember whenever you enter an Arx or Sanctum is that trouble awaits. Before entering either one, make it a habit to pray or to rest at a nearby camp to prepare for whatever danger lies deep within the area. It's always better to be safe and to save your progress rather than to be aggressive and to lose whatever progress you've made throughout the game.

Light the Way

There are some areas that are dark and cannot be avoided. If ever you encounter this, make sure to light a torch or use Magicae to light the way.

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