Ada riding the Elk.
Age Unknown
Voiced by Kristin Lennox

Ada is the playable character in Decay of Logos. Ada is the main protagonist of the game, and is not voiced. She embarks on this adventure together with The Elk.


About Ada

Her PastAda's past is unknown, she was told that she was found by her foster family where she was left at a very young and fragile age outside the walls of their village. Her foster family chose to take her in where they nursed her and raised as their very own. Her family knew she was special and that she was one of a kind since she had distinct white hair that made her stood out and, in spite of being well taken care of, Ada would have unexplainable nightmares which constantly haunted her.

Instead of playing and running along with the children, Ada embraced her uniqueness and preferred to use her remarkable hunting talent by following her stepfather. She would sneak out whenever her stepfather would hunt for food and from there she learned how to wield various weapons like a bow and sword. Ada's stepfather noticed her quick ability to learn and her innate nature of hunting, and eventually, considered and identified her as the village's youngest hunter.


At Present DayDuring a normal and what seems to be a peaceful day, the village alongside its people was attacked and unfortunately, has met its demise. Ada's family was killed and she was lucky enough to escape the massacre where she fell unconscious in the woods.

Battered and bruised, she was awakened by a mysterious creature, a mystical Elk where she sensed a connection. A serene, harmonious feeling where she felt that she was safe with the Elk around her. There, the two forged an unexplainable bond and a friendship was born. With the help of her mystical companion, Ada decides to avenge her family and the villagers by embarking on a vengeful adventure to find the culprit who is responsible for destroying everything that she loved. Despite being young, Ada uses it to her advantage alongside her talent of hunting where she also discovers and unlocks her potential of conjuring an ancient art of magic.


Ada Stats and Equipment

  • See Stats for information on attributes, leveling up, and defeat penalties.
  • Ada begins the game with a Carved Sword


Ada Gallery



Ada's Concept Art 1



Ada's Concept Art 2

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