Patch Notes for Decay of Logos covers an overview of all the patches released by the game's developer: Amplify Creations. The following patches are free and are released via online PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Nintendo Switch, and on Steam - these patches focus on game balance, performance and localization issues.


Decay of Logos Patch Notes


Steam Version 1.02 change list:

– Fixed weapons disappearing
– Combat responsiveness tweak
– Fixed various out of world places in the world
– Controller selectables fixes
– Elk navigation improvements
– Optimizations all around
– Added experience points on the stat tab on player’s inventory
– King’s grab bug
– Fixed various minor bugs

Steam Version 1.01 change list:

– Elk control updated (easier to control)
– Elk navigation tweaked (Fixes Valis Sanctum various navigation issues, We will improve it even more)
– Pause performance impact and hangs should be fixed now
– Various inventory fixes, potions disappearing wrong spear behavior, multiplication of items etc
– Some environment fixes (various OOW falls)
– Pathos fall throw ground fix


Patch 123

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