Decay of Logos Lore focuses on the story and setting of the game. Set in a fantasy world where ancient creatures, mythical beings, wizards, kings, and knights coexist. Players take control of Ada who is accompanied by a mystical Elk where the two embark on a journey through a wicked land.

See Echoes for details of in-game lore notes.


Decay of Logos Lore


In a world where mystical beings, ancient creatures, and humans coexist,
there was a king and queen along with their five sons who ruled a kingdom.

In spite of being a royal family, their relationship was distant and the five sons grew to hate their father
who paid little attention to them but instead, only to his kingdom's militia.

As time passed, the queen bore a child and passed away during giving birth. The Queen gave birth to a girl,
who was considered as the only princess of the realm and the only daughter of the warring king.

Filled with sadness and despair, the king decided to protect his only daughter by shifting his full attention to the girl.
This made his five sons furious and their hate grew even more.

The sons blamed their sister for their mother's death and despised their father for making them feel abandoned.

With the sons shared hate, they decided to claim their own lands and leave the kingdom.
This was the Great Divide that happened between the Royal Family.

Each of the king's sons who were obsessed with power and revenge went on their own lives by influencing their own people and
by creating plans towards achieving their personal ventures.

At present day, a distinct villager-hunter named Ada is introduced.
She manages to escape the massacre that killed her people and destroyed her village.

Without knowing the cause and mastermind behind the destruction,
Ada collapses into a village where she is awakened by a mystical Elk.

Ada sensed a bond where she felt a serene and safe feeling,
and there was no question that the two forged an unexplainable connection. 

With the help of the Elk, Ada then decides to avenge her people by traveling to the north
hoping to acquire more clues regarding the destruction that fell upon her village, 
not knowing that she is about to face an adventure where ancient creatures and hostile beings roam around a dark and wicked force.



Decay of Logos Trailers

 Release Date Teaser Trailer - August 2019


Lift thine eyes and look to the heavens.

We are both being judged, girl...


Announcement Trailer - Mar 2018


In a wicked land...

A friendship is born.

A story of revenge and betrayal.


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