Locations for Decay of Logos is categorized as the game's various areas players will encounter, these areas will play out across various lands, kingdoms, and castles. Here, players will be able to find various points of interests, meet NPCs, acquire unique items, and encounter different enemies and bosses.

Arx in Decay of Logos

In Decay of Logos, there are dungeons that can be found in each location a player come across. These are categorized as an Arx, each Arx you discover usually requires a Key Item in order to access it, and most importantly a dangerous foe awaits at the end of the dungeon. So be sure to pray at a shrine or rest at a nearby camp to prepare for the challenge ahead.

The word arx is Latin for “citadel” and was used as dungeon titles because of the influence of Roman architecture in much it the game’s environmental design.


Locations in Decay of Logos






Arx Ros


Wabi of the Howling Rift


Vorago Palace



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