Location Sacred Grounds of Palus

Yoran is an NPC in Decay of Logos.


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He can be found in the Sacred Grounds of Palus


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  • General Dialouge:

    Why hello there, zamir. What tales can you sing this weary traveler? I must say, it surprises me greatly to find someone wandering around this perilous land...

    Especially in the company of such a magnificent animal! You're quite the peculiar duo... very intriguing! And so is the color of your hair, if I might be so bold...

    You must come from someplace in the outer rim of the Realm. The more... superstitious folk would likely regard those white strands as rather an auspicious omen.

    Why you ask? Well... we'd better save that tune for another time...

    I can see you are still very young, but the confidence you exude in remarkable indeed... And even though our motives may differ, I sense we both aim to compose a similar melody.

    It's just a gut feeling... familiar, somehow. Yes... you too are a truth seeker. I shall confide in you then, providing trust flows both ways. I'm Yoran, a... well... wandering bard of sorts.

    But first things first. Before going any further, it is paramount that you give your spirit some repose. 

    So, your Village was yet another victim of the evil that pours from the Palace? Burned to the ground... I'm so sorry. These lands have seen better days... I dare say happier days.

    But it's all gloom and doom since tragedy struck the home of our sovereigns... After the Royal Schism, the King's Sons gained free rein to control the whole Realm, much to our dismay!

    Their corruption is so deeply entrenched in the territory it's nearly impossible to uproot. Sigh... and now, those wretched wooden aberrations roam about... Heh, I can tell you've already slain a few, zanir.

    Make no mistake, they were once the peaceful inhabitants of this region. Their flesh and mind have been warped in some kind of twisted experiment...

    I suspect Prince Pathos is to blame for these misdeeds. He's been known to be dangerously passionate about Alchemy, intoxicated by its power.

    I would advise you to find the Hamlet of Fons, west from here. Through it, you'll have access to all the reaches of the Realm.

    But to do so, you must first traverse the Sacred Ground of Polus. I've already scouted ahead, and I just might spare you the trouble of running around aimlessly...

    Earlier I stumbled upon some Echo Shells while exploring. As you know, they allow you to access memory ripples left behind by whoever confided in the waves of remembrance...

    By listening to a few, I learned that the levers were removed and stashed somewhere in this sprawling swamp. You'll need to find them if you intend to go through that Gate.

    Oh.. and have you, by any chance, disturbed a Lumberjack Brute on your way here? His kind can be rather protective of their land. Two of them are a common sight in this area - twin brothers.

    One should not rouse their ire. Brutes have a noble lineage and are mysteriously linked to the Naturae - although the spoils of such a skirmish would tempt many an adventurer. The creatures do craft mighty arms, after all.

    Well, you best be on your way, zamir. I pray we'll meet again... Farewell.

    Inside this small Sanctum, there is a shrine. Would you like to go in?
  • Dialogue after  saying yes to go in:

    Then here's the key, zamir. Let my strings soothe you into a state of tranquility.


Notes & Lore.

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