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Masked Boy is an NPC in Decay of Logos


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  •  Dialogue with Masked Boy inside the Bird Cage: This boy can't contain himself! Oh, joyous day... He thanks the lady, many times over! He promises to help her proceed.

    This boy wonders.. if they met further ahead ... near the lifted bridge? And they agree to do so! Hi hi hi! This little boy shall meet her there!
  • Dialogue with Masked boy near the bridge: This boy fixed the lever! Does the lady think that's incredible? She does! Hi hi hi!

    The lady wonders who this boy is? Well, a friend, of course! Is the lady this boy's friend too? And the pretty Elk is friends with this boy as well! Hi hi hi!

    Hmmm... the way forward is truly woeful. This boy fears he can't reach the Hamlet of Fans on his own. Will his lady friend clear a pat?

    Oh, but this boy sure knows how to help! He could teach the lady how to cast! Magicae twines! That's right - he says it's easy! Says it's a simple matter of channeling one's vitality into the world.

    But first, he must warn her - that a tiny bit of the channeler is always lost in the process. Casting twines hurts a bit.... at first! Is she prepared for that?

    Very Well! This boy shall teach his friend what he knows of Magicae. This twine is called Lumen, and with it, the lady shall produce a light that will blind the fiercest enemy and shine in the darkest abyss!

    A dangerous man prowls the ruin up ahead. Conflict is unavoidable ...! This boy urges his lady friend to be careful. He hopes... that he and the lady will meet again Fons....


Notes & Lore.

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