Crimson Knight Bow

Base Damage 20
Fire Damage 0
Poison Damage 0
Paralize Damage 0
Stamina 25

Crimson Knight Bow is a Bow and is one of the Weapons in Decay of Logos. Weapons are used to deal damage to Enemies and Bosses. Different weapons have different attack values and are therefore more or less effective.


 Awooden bow reinforced with red-colored metal, embellished with golden ornaments. A common yet efficient ranged weapon from the Royal Garrison arsenal

Where to find Crimson Knight Bow

  • Random drop from chest
  • Found two times in Arx Claustrum, follow the left path, in one of the two chest in the big room.


Crimson Knight Bow Notes

  • Part of the Crimson Knigth Set




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